Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is the botanical name of a blue-green algae that is barely half a millimeter long. In Latin, the word Spirulina means “little spiral”, referring to the algae’s spiral structure. Spirulina is one of the oldest forms of life. It has been growing on earth for 3.5 billion years. Centuries ago, the Aztecs and the Mayas realized the great value and the healing properties of Spirulina algae and regularly enjoyed this superb source of vegetable nutrition. In modern times Spirulina is renowned worldwide as one of nature’s richest sources of nutrition. Millions of people use Spirulina on a daily basis for enhanced energy, stamina, and improved well-being.

Spirulina contains:

  • Over 60% of plant proteins
  • Bioactive vitamin B12, vitamin K1 & K2
  • 96 minerals and trace elements
  • High levels of chlorophyll, phycocyanins and carotenoids
  • and more….

Spirulina, with its 60 percent vegetable protein content, is the richest natural source of protein. Spirulina contains a well-balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, high-grade vegetable proteins, chlorophyll, enzymes and anti-oxidants. Its power lies in the synergy between the various active substances, which is greater than all those individual substances. The cellulose-free cell wall of spirulina is highly digestible and the nutrients are readily absorbed. Amongst other things, it delivers more energy, better resistance, powerful detoxification, benefits the skin, hair and nails, and improves sport, work and learning performance. A nutrient supplement that compensates for the lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, has become a necessity in modern society. Spirulina offers a powerful solution and has benefits for everyone!