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The violet ‘Magic Glass’!

The violet Miron® glass was specially developed to give optimum protection to the bio-energetic value of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®. Scientific investigations have confirmed that the pure violet light spectrum of Miron® glass continually stimulates and energises the Spirulina molecules. This is exactly what enhances the vitality of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® and keeps the product fresh for much longer.

The effect of sunlight

Sunlight is enormously important for the growth of all plants. No life is possible without light. When plants, for example, are ripe for harvesting, they must be used immediately or preserved efficiently. If plants are exposed to sunlight after the ripening process, then a process of decomposition begins. The same light that initially made growth possible now accelerates the process of molecular decay.

The light spectrum

Sunlight consists of the visible light spectrum (with the familiar colours of the rainbow), and the invisible ultraviolet and infrared. If sunlight is directed on a prism, the spectral colours become visible. Colours with a high frequency (measured in Hertz), such as violet, have a short wavelength (measured in nanometers); and colours with a low frequency, such as red, have a long wavelength. Infrared and ultraviolet are not visible to the human eye.

How to protect solar energy

Problem: sun energy is difficult to store However, this sun energy is very sensitive. Measurements at the Institute of Biophysics in Kaiserslautern (Germany) have shown that the levels of biophotons in conventional packaging (aluminum foil, plastic, brown glass) decrease visibly. Solution: protection in Miron® glass! To protect the precious ‘sun power’, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is exclusively packaged in Miron®glass (patented). The violet glass constantly stimulates and energizes Spirulina, thereby maintaining the sun energy at its original level for long periods. To provide a perfect seal, Miron® glass-foil was developed. This is a high-quality, flexible foil which is coated with glass. Normal inserts made from aluminum or foam can reduce the bio-field of Spirulina. The violet glass foil protects the contents in a similar way to the Miron® glass. The result: Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® retains its potency and freshness longer.

Traditional packaging material

Almost all natural substances (herb tinctures, essential oils etc.) are packaged in traditional brown glass or plastic. Measurements show clearly that brown glass allows visible light to pass through it and offers no protection. We see the same for green and blue glass, which both allow the entire visible spectrum to penetrate. The range of frequencies of the visible light causes frequency chaos in the jar, stimulating the decomposition process. Unlike glass, plastic bottles are porous, studies showing that this kind of packaging allows oxygen to penetrate and initiate oxidative breakdown of key components. They can also emit harmful gases (especially at high temperatures) which can destroy subtle bio-energies.

The Violet Magic Glass

Ancient cultures such as the early Egyptians stored valuable essential oils and medicines in either gold or violet pots. Scientific research has now confirmed what the ancient cultures learned long ago: violet light has the highest value of any visible color, 750.000 billion-Hertz. This frequency precisely matches the oscillation of our nervous system. By contrast, colors such as brown, gray and black have extremely low oscillation frequencies.

The properties of Miron® glass

Miron® glass offers complete protection against the impairing frequencies of visible light while at the same time being penetrable in the high-energy UV / violet spectrum and the infrared spectrum. The metal oxides in the glass are also capable of absorbing light energy from outside (like a solar collector), and then releasing that energy very slowly to the inside. This means that a unique high-energy environment develops in the Miron® glass. The molecular structure of a substance is constantly stimulated and reinforced. The decomposition process slows, and the subtle bio-energy remains at original levels for long periods. This gives Miron® glass a natural stimulant and preservative effect. No other glass offers this unique combination of total protection in the visible spectrum and at the same time, transparency in the UV, violet and infrared spectra! The magic of Miron® glass makes Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® unique.

Scientific Study

The protective functioning of Miron® glass and glass-foil has been confirmed by measurements made by the biophotonic researchers Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli (1996). These measurements determine the emission values (=radiation values) of biophotons in biological systems. Biophotons are the smallest particles of light that are stored in vegetables and fruit for example. For this research, fresh Spirulina powder from the same batch was stored in brown glass, plastic, aluminum foil, Miron® glass and Miron® glass foil. The levels of biophotons were measured after two months in the Institute of Biophysics, Kaiserslautern (Germany). Push the yellow button below to the right to view the results! In another test, a part of the Spirulina powder was removed from the aluminum foil and transferred to Miron®glass and brown glass. Measurements were made again a few days later. A marked revitalization had taken place in the violet jar, while the levels in brown glass had not changed. Summary of the results The Swiss photobiologist Dr. H. Niggli, who headed the investigation together with Prof. F.A. Popp, summarized the results as follows: “The samples in the violet glass jar had a significantly superior storage quality, exhibited significantly steadier oscillation and displayed the lowest energy loss.” “It was further determined that that samples stored in violet glass can transfer the largest quantity of ultraweak photon energy on synthetic cell liquids, which means that they can pass the most sun energy.” “The storage quality of the newly developed glass foil is exceptional. Although it does not quite measure up to that of violet glass, it nevertheless provides an excellent, unbreakable alternative for the transportation of Spirulina.”

Colprinto® technique

Another procedure developed by Dr Knapp is the Colprinto® technique, whereby changes in a person’s vitality can be visualized very quickly by measurements performed at the fingertips.

Without Spirulina

The fingertip of a test subject (aged 42 years) shows an indistinct, open pattern of emissions (an indication of a weak metabolism).

5 minutes after taking Spirulina

The test subject is eating 3 Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® tablets.  After just 5 minutes, the emissions are stronger, indicating that the metabolism is being stimulated.

10 minutes after taking Spirulina

10 minutes after taking the Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® tablets, the field of emissions has become even larger and more active. The energy field has closed. The metabolisms has clearly been stimulated.

Special hexagon-shaped tablets

Because the highly sensitive light energy is also affected by form, a hexagonal tablet form was developed for Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®. This natural form is also found in honeycombs, crystals and molecular structures. In a hexagon, the energy field is preserved for a longer period. The energy flows out faster from a circle, for example. The special tablet form is derived from geometrical energy structures that form the foundations of natural shapes (‘sacred geometry’). The exact shape (a combination of a hexagon and the ‘flower of life’) was developed in close cooperation with specialists in the bio-energy field.

The special design of the Spirulina jar

The glass container for the tablets was very carefully designed in accordance with the laws of energetic conformance. Proceding from the prototype of an egg, a special design evolved with exclusively round and oval lines avoiding sharp edges.

Decorative recycling

Do not throw away the violet glass when it is empty. You can reuse the valuable Miron® glass for the less expensive Spirulina refillable packaging. Or for example you can use them to store spices, tea or herbs. Because of the conserving properties of the Miron® glass, they remain fresh longer and retain their natural goodness.